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Frontenac: A Truly Unique Red Wine Experience

Since its release in 2017, Frontenac has been love at first sip for thousands of Tanglewood Winery fans—in Michigan and beyond! 

With a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, Frontenac yields a subtle spicy aroma with a tart and juicy finish. These qualities come together to make Frontenac a truly unique experience. This intense red wine is made from 100% Frontenac grapes—no artificial flavors, no water added, and no fillers!

Grown right here in Holland, Michigan, Frontenac is a hardy, bluish-black grape that creates an intense dark red juice. Offering bold cherry flavors with hints of black currant, this grape gives our red wine a deep, rich flavor that will leave you wanting more. 

Frontenac Awards

It’s not just our regulars who love this drink. Our Frontenac wine has been recognized across the USA for its intense flavor!

  • Indy International Wine Competition: Silver
  • Los Angeles International Wine Competition:  Silver


A man takes the Frontenac red wine bottle out of his wine club shipment.

Frontenac 5-Star Reviews

Still not convinced? Read what our customers have to say!


“My favorite of the day was the Frontenac. Highly recommend!” 

- Laura T.

 “If you like a sweeter red, you will really enjoy Frontenac.” 

- Mike A.

 “Frontenac and Blue Blood are my absolute favorites—a must try!” 

- Shaniqua J.

 “Everything I tried was so delicious! My two favorites are the Beach Bum sparkling wine and the Frontenac.” 

- Jacoba D.


Give Our Frontenac a Try Today!

Want to give our Frontenac wine a try? Stop by our Tasting Room, order online, or find Frontenac bottles in a store near you

And if you’re in the mood for something warm this winter, try our Frontenac mulled wine recipe!

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Farm to Table: Tanglewood Winery 

Before Tanglewood Winery was created, we began as a small, family-owned blueberry farm. Our founder, Gordon Wassink, first began farming blueberries in the 1960s here in Holland, Michigan, and the farm has been passed from father to son ever since. Our current success as a Holland winery is all thanks to our rich, locally-grown fruit. 


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