Unlimited benefits with every visit to the Tanglewood Tasting Room.

Get a $20 credit for the year, $1 off all full pours, 10% off every Tasting Room purchase (including merchandise!), and Cork Club exclusive offers!


Because we love our loyal customers, we wanted to create something special with YOU in mind. So, we’ve been working hard on something that we hope you’ll love. Many of our customers have already heard of the Wine Club… but we’ve just debuted something new: the Cork Club

What does this addition look like and how does it differ from our exclusive Wine Club?



As a Cork Club Member, you’ll get:

  • A $20 credit upon sign-up that renews each year. Save it or spend it right away on any Tanglewood purchase!
  • $1 off all pours. Save on every glass of wine you enjoy in the Tasting Room!
  • 10% off all purchases in the Tasting Room. Anything you want in the Tasting Room is yours—with an automatic discount!
  • Email-exclusive offers. On top of your automatic savings, our Cork Club members get first dibs on new releases and wine sales.





    • How much does it cost? The Cork Club is $100 for a year of membership. (If you’re a wine lover, you’ll find that your membership will pay for itself quickly!)
    • What if I’m already a Wine Club member? Our Wine Club members automatically get access to the Cork Club at no extra cost!
    • How do I join? You can become a Cork Club member in three easy ways:
      1. Sign up for the Cork Club online 
      2. Join the Wine Club (which gives you immediate access to the Cork Club)
      3. Visit us in the Tasting Room and ask your server!
    • Does my membership auto-renew? Can I cancel my membership? Upon signup, you will receive a membership card and an automatic one-year membership. After the date on your card expires, you can choose whether or not to renew.