Farm to Table Michigan Fruit Wine

Since our start, we’ve devoted ourselves to developing the richest Holland, Michigan made handcrafted fruit, dessert, and port wines that can be offered. Every fruit is different, but one thing holds true. In every respect, more fruit does make a better wine.


Trevor and Tanglewood Winery are top-notch! We were on our way home to Iowa from our trip to Michigan and Trevor was so accommodating. He knows his craft, doesn't cut corners and produces a quality product. Highly recommend this winery. There isn't a single wine that isn't absolutely incredible!
Unreal experience. Trevor just doing what he loves out on the farm. So down to Earth and knowledgeable about what he’s doing (and doing very well). Contact him and set up a time to come visit ASAP!
My wife and I were visiting in the Holland area for several days and were returning from Grand Haven when we saw the listing for Tanglewood and decided to stop. A little off the beaten path but very happy we stopped. Called the listed phone and spoke to Trevor who is the owner, picker, wine master, all around man on the job. He was coming in from the blueberry fields and met us at the processing area. Trevor was exciting to talk with, his knowledge and passion for excellent fruit based wines was contagious. His wines fit well with a niche market. Particularly exciting is the possibility of his being able to export some of his wines to South Korea in the near future. He had us sample all of the wines he has in production and we there wasn’t one we did not enjoy. Left with several bottles and a warm memory of Tanglewood Winery...hope to be able to find his wines back home in Virginia. If you have some time...find them and visit...and tell Trevor hello from us!
By far the best blueberry wine I have ever tasted. Blue Blood is amazing!!
Can't say enough good things about our stop at Tanglewood. This was our 3 winery on a Bachelorette wine tour and by far, the favorite of all of us. The wine was fantastic and hearing about the journey and process of the winery was very interesting. Would highly recommend a stop off here if you are going to be in the area.

The Tasting Room

Since Tanglewood was founded 5 years ago, we have always had the intention to open to the public. We have spent many years crafting and perfecting our techniques in the retail market with the hope of breathing new life into the fruit wine industry of Michigan. The blueberry industry in Michigan is struggling, and growers need to find new outlets for their fruit. As a family farm with a passion for wine making, it just made sense.

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We are proud to have won awards for all of our wines.

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