Tanglewood Winery’s 2023 Bourbon Barrel Blue Blood

Tanglewood Winery’s 2023 Annual Limited-Release: Bourbon Barrel Blue Blood

Are you familiar with our award-winning Blue Blood?

It’s the richest Blueberry Port around! Using only the best berries with the most color, Blue Blood is carefully crafted, balanced, and fortified in small batches to bring out the most intense flavor possible. 

And it’s not just our regulars who love it! Our Blue Blood wine has been recognized across the USA for its rich flavor!

Blue Blood Awards

  • USA Wine Ratings: Gold
  • Sommelier Choice Awards: Bronze
  • Los Angeles International Wine Competition: Bronze


A bottle of Tanglewood Winery's Blue Blood wine is lying on a white kitchen towel with blueberries.

The Making of Bourbon Barrel Blue Blood

Thanks to his creative spirit, love for wine, and passion for chemistry, Trevor Wassink, our owner and head winemaker, took a chance on a bourbon barrel adaptation of our award-winning Blue Blood wine. The experiment was an instant hit, quickly becoming just as beloved as our traditional Blue Blood. 

In the same way a French or American oak can influence the flavor of a wine, using bourbon barrels brings about complementary flavors like char, smoke, dried herbs, and vanilla. And because the barrels we use are heavily charred and infused with bourbon, the process of imparting flavors to the wine happens pretty quickly—as little as three months.

Like our fan-favorite Blue Blood, Tanglewood’s Bourbon Barrel Blue Blood is made from 30 pounds of fruit per gallon and contains no water or fillers. However, this rich port is instead crafted within bourbon barrel oak for a smooth flavor that seamlessly blends port wine and whiskey.


A man is holding a bottle of Tanglewood Winery's Bourbon Barrel Blue Blood wine.

Why Is Bourbon Barrel Blue Blood Only a Limited Release? 

At Tanglewood, we believe our Bourbon Barrel Blue Blood is best enjoyed either during the peak barbeque months of summer or during the cool months. This year, we decided on a fall release. The bold and rich flavors pair perfectly with fall-favorite meals like slow-cooked pot roast, cinnamon-roasted sweet potatoes, and traditional chili. 

We make a special batch of Bourbon Barrel Blue Blood every year for those who love it—and we’ve just celebrated our third annual limited release! This means that Bourbon Barrel Blue Blood is only available at Tanglewood Winery’s Tasting Room for a limited time. 

Want to give Bourbon Barrel Blue Blood a try? Grab a friend or family member and stop by our Tasting Room while supplies still last!

Fall 2023 Tasting Room Hours

  • Thursday: 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Friday & Saturday: 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

You can also check out our events calendar for upcoming food trucks and releases!

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