Michigan Wine Month 2020

May is Michigan Wine Month! This month is dedicated to celebrating the wine industry across the state. Did you know that Michigan is home to over 100 wineries? Each offers a unique variety of wines made right here in the Great Lakes state. 

Speaking of Great Lakes, did you know that they are the main reason why Michigan is able to produce award-winning wines? The Great Lakes dictate the climate, significantly contributing to our agriculture. The majority of Michigan wine grapes are grown within 25 miles of Lake Michigan (including ours)! 

Lake Michigan helps moderate the temperatures along the coast, protecting grapes and other crops from intense frosts and summer heat waves. In the winter, lake effect snow helps blanket vines and protect them from cold temperatures.Learn more about Michigan’s wine industry at michigan.org.


Celebrating Wine Month

This year, the Michigan Wine Collaborative (MWC) has declared the theme of Michigan Wine Month 2020 “Michigan Wine Wins.” 

“The Michigan Wine industry has an economic impact totalling $5.4 billon in the state of Michigan, including providing 47,000-plus jobs equaling $1.8 billion in wages, according to a 2017 study conducted by John Dunham & Associates.” — Michigan Wine Collaborative, http://michiganwinecollaborative.com/mwc_miwinemonth2020/

This year’s wine month may be a little different than usual, but you can still celebrate AND help support local winemakers. Make sure to choose Michigan wines when you can, and share your favorites using the hashtag #DrinkMIWine.You can find our wines at select local stores.

Michigan Wine Month Ideas

Need some ideas for how to celebrate Michigan Wine Month at home? We’ve got lots! 

Celebrate Wine month by brushing up on your wine knowledge!

Wine Terminology


Learn about Wine Glasses


Health Benefits of Drinking Wine


Why do we toast?



Celebrate Wine Month by treating yourself with these fun food and drink recipes!

Charcuterie Board: https://www.tanglewoodwinery.com/late-summer-charcuterie-board/

Easy Dinner Ideas:


Mulled Wine:


Pairing Ideas:


Appetizer Ideas:


Stay safe and healthy! Cheers!

Written by Tanglewood Winery
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