6 Reasons to Join a Wine Club this Winter

There’s never been a better time to join a wine club! It’s 2022, and there are more wine clubs and subscription services than ever before. We make it easy for our Wine Club members at Tanglewood by offering our high-quality, award-winning fruit wine and discounted-exclusive small-batch wines.

If you’re a wine lover (who also loves supporting local Michigan business), join our Wine Club! Here’s why you’ll love it:


1. Get a regular supply of wine.

Tanglewood Winery’s Wine Club members get access to every limited edition, small-batch wine that we produce. Plus, there’s no sign-up or membership fee: just pay for the number of bottles you’d like! Most importantly, you’ll be able to maintain a regular supply of the local Michigan-made wines that you love.  

With each monthly shipment, you’ll always get high-quality wine made from local fresh fruit. After our head winemaker hand selects your bottles, we package your boxes and send them out to you on the 15th of every month. Want to skip the shipping and handling? No worries. You can choose to pick up your shipment from our Tasting Room at a special discounted rate.

Your regular supply can be customized by number of bottles and delivery frequency. Feel free to do a first-month trial run of the Wine Club and start with just a few bottles! You can choose the bottles to be delivered every month or every other., You can opt for six, nine, or twelve bottles a month. (If you like to cook and entertain with friends and family, you might like our 12 bottle monthly delivery!) Join today risk free! You can update or cancel your membership at any time.  


2. Savings: Exclusive, higher value wines at no extra cost.

Our Wine Club is a great value on our award-winning wines while also providing firsthand access to our exclusive new products at a discounted price. The costs of the club depend on the number of bottles in your shipment. The costs are outlined below.

  • 3 bottles / month $65
  • 6 bottles / month $100
  • 12 bottles / month $180

You’ll see savings benefits the most when you get our limited edition wines. The higher value of limited wines is not factored into your pricing; just pay your 3, 6, or 12 bottle fixed monthly price!


3. Convenience: Get the wine you love with just a click.

Are you looking for a staple to wow your dinner party guests, or just a bottle to pair nicely with a meal with your family? The Wine Club can save you time and money – from looking through the endless sea of labels at the grocery store, which can be an overwhelming and limiting experience if you appreciate locally-sourced ingredients in your products that you won’t find at the grocery store. 

Wonder no longer if the wine will win over your taste buds. Create a signature staple on your dinner table - one that your guests will be excited about! 

Now, you can order your wine from your phone or computer by simply filling out the form and within the month, your wine is delivered to your doorstep! No more endless searching through grocery stores reading wine labels. The wine you love will meet you at your doorstep. It doesn’t get any easier than that! 


4. Supporting Local Michigan: Get wines that were made right here in Michigan. 

Wine clubs are everywhere—even the New York Times has its own wine club! With so many wine clubs to choose from, it can be a hard decision to pick which one best fits your taste.

National wine clubs that offer a large variety of wines can be an overwhelming and complicated experience. With the huge variety of wine to pick from, you’re often paying more for less-quality in the club membership than they would if they bought the wine individually. Also, the service can be hard to cancel your membership.

If price, quality, and service are important to you, local wine clubs score high in all of these areas due to their ability to devote the time and attention to each customer and their preferred palates.  Choosing a local wine club also means you’ll be directly supporting local vineyards and orchards! 

At Tanglewood we can guarantee top-notch and personable service that is unmatched in the industry. 

5. Members-Only Perks 

Not sold quite yet? Tanglewood offers first dibs on new and limited release wines (some of which you can’t find anywhere else!). Members can also reserve up to five cases of new wines before the general public gets access. 

At Tanglewood, Wine Club members are welcome to join us at every unveiling, new wine release, or celebration hosted by Tanglewood!


6. Delivery!

We all get a rush of joy when we get packages at the door - now imagine how much better when it’s WINE! We ship out our member’s boxes on the 15th, so expect the wine at your doorstep a few days later. 


It’s your monthly shipment! 

So what are you waiting for? Join the club risk-free today. 


Written by Tanglewood Winery